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Power up your platform and simplify in-transit complexity with advanced APIs

The best possible data solution for all your cargo types, updated 24/7/365, helping you gain full in-transit visibility & enhance every stage of your supply chain.

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Why MarineTraffic



Global coverage by fusing all three Satellite AIS providers with the largest Terrestrial AIS network.


Position Frequency

Receive a fresh position on average once every 15 minutes (>98% of the cases).


Platform Stability

Our solutions are available to you 24/7 through our platform (uptime >99%) so you can access data anytime, anywhere.

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Choose among our extensive AIS data sets that include accurate vessel positions, predictive ETAs, voyage forecasts, vessel events, port/berth calls, port congestion information and much more, and create awesone, personalised applications or enrich your analysis in the most easy, fast and cost-effective way possible.

With MarineTraffic APIs, you can:

Get dynamic & accurate ETA to destination port. Combine this with the planned ETA in your system to identify and manage deviations to the current plan. We provide proof on how our ETA accuracy works so you have full visibility on what to expect.


Get real-time position updates of the exact vessel position around the globe, with the update frequency that suits your needs, from a few minutes to days.


Access real-time visibility to events that you need to consider, such as the vessel crew reporting a new ETA or destination, vessel stopping or drifting in open seas, or sailing in rough weather conditions.


Get real-time dwell times and operational times based on the most detailed mappings of ports, anchorages and berths in the world. You can then compare this information to your contracted times to identify carrier or terminal performance.


Easily identify the right vessel to track in cases where you are not aware of the vessel’s IMO or MMSI, if you just know a previous name of the vessel or just a part of the vessel’s name.


Ensure the most efficient trade lane is selected for shipment by accounting for potential port congestion delays based on weekly historical patterns.


A single solution for all your cargo types

Whether you track containers, dry bulk, wet bulk, vehicle carriers, or anything else, as long as it’s onboard a vessel, we track it.

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