Real-time online container tracking with MarineTraffic

Carrier’s Track & Trace + Vessel Schedules + AIS = a single version of truth, now available directly through the MarineTraffic platform

By Fotini Tseroni

June 1, 2022

Visibility For Containers Online Solution by MarineTraffic

*This blog post was initially created on June 1, 2022, and is now edited and updated

MarineTraffic Visibility For Containers solution is now available through our online platform. Just until recently this powerful solution had been accessible only through an API data service, enabling supply chain professionals to access next-level visibility and get the most accurate ETA information for their containerised cargo shipments to the destination port.

Aiming to create a seamless experience for all the users of the service, we’ve just released an online version. Our users can now enjoy all the critical information for their container visibility directly from the MarineTraffic website, with just a few clicks; no API implementation is needed. Our user-friendly online interface allows for easy navigation.

In case you are not familiar with the service yet, our solution provides real-time visibility to logistics service providers, freight forwarders and cargo owners on the location and status of their containers anywhere in the world, with carrier independent updates based on AIS.

More visibility, less friction

Through this service, global logistics and supply chain professionals can have access to useful features and actionable insights to help with the planning, monitoring, and improving of their operations, including:

  • Full container shipment visibility: the best possible real-time information on the status of all seaborne shipments, updated 24/7/365.
  • Unmatched AIS global coverage fused with Carrier Track & Trace and vessel schedules, providing one reality, a single version of truth.
  • Utilisation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques for more accurate Predictive ETAs
  • Real-time ETA predictions to berth, based on the actual shipment position, carrier-independent, considering transshipments and port congestion. 
  • Easy tracking for a specific Bill of Lading (BL), booking reference number or container number. Follow your shipment, not the vessel.
  • Detailed actual arrivals/departures.
  • Shareable shipment tracking view to share with all stakeholders for continuous updates.
  • Detailed transportation plan with a complete overview of all container milestone events, including all stops, all locations, all vessels.
  • Unified and customisable view of all shipments in one page, automatically updated every hour.

Container Tracking Visibility Online Solution by MarineTraffic

Image caption: My shipments page provides a one page overview of all your shipments, their current status and the ETAs.

With this data at hand, businesses can make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources and respond faster to supply chain disruptions.

No more manual, time-consuming checking processes to provide In-Transit visibility, that lead to multiple versions of reality. 

Instead of looking at carriers' individual track & trace system, vessel schedules and then checking MarineTraffic to gain insights on potential delays, users get everything in one place. All these data sources are combined with AIS real-time intelligence independently from carriers.

Screenshot_VFC_transportation_plan_blog (1)

Image caption: The shipment details page is shareable with all stakeholders, no MarineTraffic account required.

“At MarineTraffic we believe that ‘Reality is real-time’,” says Ioanna Babali, Product Marketing Manager at MarineTraffic.

“We aim to simplify the complex operating environment around sea transportation planning and monitoring, giving our users the visibility required for agility and added business value.”

“Our response to the complexity of the supply chain industry is real-time data. Fast decision making grounded in reliable data is the only way to maintain agility and save time and money," Ioanna added.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to track your containers, increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience or decrease demurrage charges by identifying delays before they happen, try the new MarineTraffic Visibility For Containers online solution here.

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