Checklist for resilient maritime supply chain operations

By Fotini Tseroni

December 23, 2020

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Like many industries, the shipping sector is undergoing a transformation, and professionals need to be better equipped and prepared for the new year.

Moving from what now to what next, here is a checklist with the top priorities supply chain and logistics professionals need to set this year.

1. Review your processes:

Start the year by taking a step back and looking at your day-to-day tasks, and asking if the way you are tackling them makes sense and adds value. So many businesses' processes end up being outdated and inefficient because of the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality.

2. Get your head out of your inbox:

It’s all too common to spend your day bouncing from one message to the next, digging through heaps of emails. Find a system that will bring the important things to the top of your pile, leaving you the time to focus on the things that matter to you.

3. Lean into the data:

In this data-rich world, you need to access the right information to help you make more informed decisions for your business, respond accordingly to unexpected events, and reduce costs. Data can help you see the bigger picture of global cargo movements, allowing you to predict trends & disruptions that may affect your supply chain.

4. Invest in technology:

You don’t have to be super data-savvy to take advantage of maritime data analytics; this data is now easier to access and more affordable than ever. Find yourself a supplier that will do the heavy number lifting for you, pulling the useful information from sources such as AIS, and get the insights you need in a way that works for you.

5. Reduce the guesswork:

Data is the first piece of the puzzle, and it only helps when you use it to form the bigger picture. Bringing data into your business or workflow, gives you the confidence and information you need to act, to reduce risks, and to work smarter.

6. Share the love:

Once you’re happy that you have reliable information, make it available to everyone in your organisation that needs it. If you have a more up-to-date picture, share that with all the teams it will impact so that you're all basing your planning on the same information.

7. Empower your customers:

Your customers are just as keen as you are to know where their shipments are. Providing them with end-to-end visibility will keep them happy and will keep them coming back. Happy customers are repeat customers.

8. Reap the rewards:

When it comes to the delivery of goods or services, every minute matters. As most supply chain professionals we talk with highlight, you are always competing with time, and most of the time, many hours are spent on non-adding value tasks. Start 2021 right, get some time back, make and take control of your cargo deliveries, safe in the knowledge that you have the information and process in place to know about, and deal with any shipments that are running late.

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Fotini Tseroni

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