Track the Global Fleet with AIS Data Services from MarineTraffic

Get the most complete coverage and the fullest vessel visibility, and track commercial vessels wherever they sail, using MarineTraffic live AIS data.


Our solutions enable you to

Improve planning and efficiency by tracking, monitoring and reviewing vessel activity.

Increase your situational awareness, and dig into market and competitor activity.

Build your systems and applications.

Why choose MarineTraffic

Reliable ship tracking intelligence

Access the most complete AIS database of near real-time ship positions sourced from the world's most extensive coastal coverage (over 4,600 stations, active in 167 countries), enhanced with satellite AIS data.

Scalable and

Choose to integrate any combination of tracking, forecasting or vessel data now, with the confidence that you can scale up later.

The most comprehensive
satellite AIS data available

Partnering with all three leading Satellite AIS providers, exactEarth, ORBCOMM and Spire, MarineTraffic gives you the power to follow the global fleet, as they transit oceans and remote waterways.

Get truly global visibility with terrestrial and satellite AIS coverage

AIS is an incredibly useful resource for tracking the global fleet. MarineTraffic combines the world’s most extensive terrestrial AIS network with the best commercially available satellite AIS coverage, to offer the most up-to-date vessel position data possible, and power data-driven decisions.

MarineTraffic Terrestrial
AIS network coverage


Sample over a 24-hour period

MarineTraffic combined Terrestrial and Satellite AIS network coverage


Sample over a 24-hour period

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Get a better understanding of satellite and terrestrial AIS tracking, and learn how maritime professionals use it for improved visibility in the most challenging areas around the globe.

MarineTraffic in numbers

See the world's leading provider of global ship tracking intelligence in the shipping industry, in numbers.


< 1 minute
enhanced satellite latency


45 million
vessel positions processed daily


professionals trust our data


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